Friday, 28 October 2005


I have not used aftershave since I moved to the woods, it isn't a necessity and so wasn't going to be carried around with me. Anyway, this morning I found my aftershave in my desk draw so thought I would wack some on. GRIM! Stupid cloying sickly stench is following me about. Sure it's more socially acceptable a smell than that of my coat (mildew) rucksack (feted yoghurt, damp and miscellaneous food spills) or even sleeping bag (bit like football kit left for a week in a plastic bag) but it still seems horrible. I guess I'm much more used to the smells of the woods - trees, fresh air, autumn leaves and all that kind of thing. Sticky sickly chemical spray on nonsense just seems pretty horrible now.

My sleeping bag has been washed so it smells good again now so that's not a problem. The rucksack might smell bad but it does serve to clear me a bit of space on the tube. I will attempt to wash the mildew off my coat my by leaving it out in the rain - genius.

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