Friday, 7 October 2005

Hotels suck

Takes a bit of getting used to this sleeping indoors business. I am used to waking up and being able to judge what time it is from the amount of light there is and thus asses whether or not it is time to get up. At the moment I am waking up and finding myself in a uniformly dark room and becoming convinced that it is still the middle of the night and forcing myself to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later the alarm call comes and I have to get up in the dark and completely disoriented, when I then turn the light on it's as thought it is instantly day time and I am completely spun out at as a result. I feel sorry for pet birds who are given false day and night at the whims of their owners when their cages are covered with a cloth, as if I didn't feel sorry enough for caged birds anyway.

Not a big fan of pillows, dashed uncomfortable if you ask me - would rather use rolled up jeans. Bed is too soft and room too warm. There is a window in my room that opens to the floor and has railing to stop the inept (me) from falling out. Tonight I'm going to leave the curtains and window open and sleep on the floor by the window and use my jeans as a pillow (might keep a real pillow to hand just in case) and see if that gets me a better nights sleep.

Ironically I have a cold, I blame central heating.


Natural rhythms are good for you.
I am odd because I would rather sleep on the floor in the cold, I will be watching MTV though.

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Tamara said...

Hey DM, I'm trying to contact a guy called Mark Chisholm who works with you at at Sothebys. Since you're back in the concrete world, do you think you could send me his email address or pass this message along?