Thursday, 20 October 2005


In the past few days I have discovered

I can fit one sleeping bag inside the other thus solving the winter issue.

Having a goose down sleeping bag dry cleaned will undo all the damage that getting it repeatedly wet will do to it.

The Hennesey Hammock can be tied to a branch in such a way as to make it into a chair. This was not so much a discovery but more a 'doing what it says on the packet'.

The last few days have been really good fun, I had imagined that when it got to the point that it was raining a lot and dark all the time that things would get miserable. In fact I'm enjoying it more than ever now.

As for the challenges
On Saturday I will be making some cord out of nettles - this is a good thing to be doing at this time of year, nettles tend to be at their most vicious at the end of their lives. This challenge I rashly said I would do without gloves - if my hands still work I will let you know how it went on Monday.

At the behest of those helpful types at BCUK I will also be attempting to carve a spoon. I imagine this could prove tricky - I foresee swearing.

There has been a few murmerings about my making a shelter using nothing but that which occurs naturally in my location. An interesting idea. I had been planning to make something out of branches and the gore tex poncho, the idea being to use the poncho to collect rain water which would then be stored and then filtered before use.


SameOld said...

tip: pull the nettles up from the base. Their poison injecting hairs grow vertically up, so with careful handling you should be able to avoid much of the stinging. Good luck!

Hugh Sawyer said...

I was taught how to handle nettles without getting stung when I was 14 - hopefully I can remember how to do it.

Hugh Sawyer said...


I have once again deleted one of your posts. My nephews read this, they are 7 and 10. Kindly keep your comments suitable for all ages.

p.s. I don't know what you're so smug about - you're going to be eating 'woodland food' when you come to visit.

Sparky said...

Have you tried using the nettles to make tea and soup? Very good (if you chop them up well and chuck some other veggies in + a bit o' seasoning).

I am finding your blog very inspiring. Went and lived in a mountain hut for 2 nights a couple of weeks ago - what a lifestyle, eh?!

Am going to the hills this weekend (to camp + check out the reddening of the Japanese maples) but I have just missed the last train/bus to take me up into the wild. early start tomorrow then.

heckit, sorry, this comment is sort of turning into a mini blog. i'll shut up now...

Hugh Sawyer said...

The mountains of Japan and the changing of the Maples - sounds very nice.

I have eaten nettles but not for a very long time. I believe they best bit to eat is the fresh shoots so it's a bit too late for that. However, I have guests coming soon so maybe I will have to get a bit creative with the local fauna.

bushled said...

I will have to get a bit creative with the local fauna

Hmm, you can get locked up for that sort of thing! Being creative with the local flora is an altogether different matter :-D

(sorry, I'm in a pedantic mood at the moment)

Hugh Sawyer said...

Yes I meant flora ..... no no I did, why are you all looking at me like that?