Friday, 28 October 2005



I have some photos, I have got them on to a Kodak account on the web. Does anyone know how to get them from there on to the blog? I need to get them a URL address.


Bob Ryskamp said...

Looks like if you're viewing the picture on the Kodak page, you can right click to "copy image location" or "open in a new window" which will then show you the image URL. Interestingly you don't seem to have to be logged in to view such pictures. E.g.

Else if you have the images on a hard drive you can upload them directly onto Blogger:

Hugh Sawyer said...

Thanks Bob

Kodak seems to be set up differently for me.

Can't really save them to the hard drive as I'm using a work computer and the pictures could potentialy be deleted at any time.

molly said...

You can open a free account at You can store your pictures there indefinitely and then upload them easily, with the commands they provide and explain. Withe a free account, you can only upload a certain number of pictures per month. Even I, who am very technologically limited, was able to learn to blog my pictures using flickr, so I am sure you can figure it out.