Friday, 21 October 2005


Woke up with a start the night before last, the Owl was back and this ment that I was late for work got up in a rush and was half dressed before I checked the time on my alarm clock. 5am, not late for work at all.

I'm going to have to send the Owl back to the shop to get it fixed.


Dr Tramp said...

How you coping with the rain? I have been getting preety wet over the last couple of days.

I also live in the woods, have been there for the last 4 weeks. Quite stange, havn't maged to tell my colleges yet.

Hugh Sawyer said...

I am using a poncho I got from an army surplus store, it's made of gore tex and can be attached to trees using bungee cords. It makes a good roof. Some times I attach it to the ground with tent pegs.
I recently got a bivi bag and this is really key to keeping dry, failing that try sleeping under a Yew tree or a holly bush as these offer the best protection for the rain.

I would recommend getting a bivi bag now that the weather is getting cold as you could well end up getting ill without one. The Orange Survival Bags that you can get are a lot cheaper but they fill with condensation and you end up getting wet anyway, they are better than nothing but should not be viewed as a substitute for a bivi bag.

The Less Deceived said...

Incidentally - I guess this is as good a place to ask as any - did you get round to uploading a photo of your ditch somewhere?