Saturday, 8 October 2005

Got back to the Hotel full of good intentions re sleeping on the floor, I went to open the window – you know the one that opened to the floor perhaps it would have been better describes as a door. Anyway curtains opened and window (door) open letting as much of nature in as possible I decided to have a shower. My room is on the first floor, outside by window there is a narrow road leading to the hotel car park, it is hardly ever used and I had never even noticed it until a family walked past, I waved and they looked away and walked on quickly. I thought this a little rude. It was only when I looked in the mirror and noticed I was naked I understood. So I drew the curtain got changed and went out for a run.

I had not run for a couple of months and was a bit apprehensive, it would hurt and I did not want to go I had been putting it off for days. It was not as bad as I thought it would be it was dark and there was a low mist hanging in the air the cold air started to burn my lungs as I picked up the pace. Not sure of where I was going I chose a path through the woods trusting my instincts more than my eyes on whether obstacles lay in my path, I only nearly tripped once. Out on to the road and up a hill staring to feel really hot now and my skin starts to prickle in the cold air. By the time I get back to warm toffee glow spilling out from the Hotel windows I am fighting for breath and my legs have gone wobbly from the exertion but I feel great. I’m buzzing; alert even. By the time I shower it is time for bed but by now I’m buzzing too much to be able to sleep. Comfortable though this bed, soft too, bit chilly though, so the window is closed.

The TV goes on and I watch the news fully intending to just chill out there for a bit before going to sleep on the floor by the window/door. The intention was to sleep in front of the open window / door on the floor, it was a good plan, it would help stop me from getting too acclimatized to comfort. The Bed was very comfortable and I certainly did not want to get up. It seems like I have gone soft again. Brilliant! Going back to sleeping in the woods might be a bit of a shock to the system after a week in a four stat hotel.


SameOld said...

Hi DM, been following your progress with interest and have made a donation. If you make it into the New Year, then I'll make another one!

I was wondering if, after these months, you were considering making any permanent changes in lifestyle when you are finished with the project? I mean is it possible to live your day in the material world and then spend the night totally in nature? I think it would do my head in!

ODM (Original Ditch Monkey) said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the donation; I'm afraid there is no way I'm giving up before the end of the challenge so looks like your down for another one.

What am I going to do at the end of the project? That's a big one and one that I had not even thought about before people started asking, see what happens next maybe. I do have a few ideas but June is a long way off so I'm not going to commit to anything just now.