Thursday, 27 October 2005

Go figure

Over the past few days I have been accused of being a ‘New Puritan’, if there is one thing that I dislike more than being categorised it is being categorised as being something I have never heard of. I did a bit of research to find out what a ‘New Puritan’ is and have spent the last day formulating a response.

On Thursday afternoon next week I am going to go to the airport (hopefully the right one this time), from there I am going to fly to Barbados, once there I am going to go surfing, get drunk, chase girls, dance like an idiot, eat too much, hire a motorbike, drink cocktails in a Hammock (I believe this is the proper use for a Hammock) and generally have a really good time. On Sunday I’m going to go to the airport in Barbados, stock up on duty frees and then fly back in time for work on Monday morning.

1 comment:

Christop said...

So I'm guessing you aren't a New Puritan.