Monday, 31 October 2005


What ho!

You may recall my being challenged to make a spoon and then create some cordage from nettles. The spoon is coming on in leaps and bounds; sure it takes a little imagination to actually see it as a spoon but its getting there. I guess you could say it is a spoon of unconventional appearance. Now I just need to figure out how to carve out the bowly bit at the business end. I have some bees wax to finish it off so it should hopefully look quite nice in the end.

The problem I was facing with the nettle cordage is that the nettles once picked need to be soaked overnight in water. The problem was that I had neither spare water (all water had to be carried in) nor a container. Well I now have an empty 5 litre water bottle and I will use it catch water that runs off the roof of my gore tex sheet - then I have the joyful task of picking nettles without gloves (why did I say I would do that?).

I was also challenged to make a bowl – sounds tricky to me. So far I have got absolutely no where with this one.

I am planning to make a natural filter with which to filter rainwater and make it drinkable. I do have a pump with a filter that I bought but I think that making something of my own would be great. There is plenty of chalk about and I’m fairly sure I can make charcoal – I remember reading how to do in Swallows and Amazons when I was little – I think these two things are fairly central to a filter. Thanks to the BCUK website for coming up with that idea.


bushled said...

you may need the right tool for carving the bowl of the spoon

SameOld said...

Well done on the project front. I'll look forward to seeing some photos of them soon (hint hint). Had you thought of digging a gypsy well to provide a water supply? There's certainly been no shortage of rain around lately!