Thursday, 27 October 2005

Fun and games

The plan was to get up early and get into work early so I could have a relaxed morning and a good long shower. I’m getting a bit fed up with always being in a rush. I woke early as intended and was pleased to discover that I was not drenched; I quickly concluded that this was because it had not rained in the night, another piece of stunning bit of deductive reasoning from yours truly. It was dark, really dark, about as dark as Quintin Tarantino’s pyjamas which isn’t that dark but certainly shadowy. Seeing as it was dark I played a game of find the trousers for about ten minutes, this was a good game. Black jeans, normally they would be in my pack or being used as a pillow – today no where to be seen, actually I couldn’t see anything so it would be a better description to say no where to be felt whilst scrabbling about in the undergrowth. This was becoming an issue. All my other trousers were in the wash, my money and bus ticket were in the jeans pocket. Maybe a badger had dragged my jeans off to use in its set. I had visions of my having to find a way to London penniless and naked from the waist down. Which reminds me, I’m going to be a best man in July. Eventually I decided that the best way to find the jeans was to stop looking for them and carry on as usual until they turned up, it worked! I had to run to make it to the bus that I wanted to catch but got there just in time. I was hot and out of breath from the run but at least there would be plenty of time for a long shower when I got to work. There was a crash on the M40 so we were forced to make a diversion, time ticked by. By the time I had got to London, dropped my sleeping bag (drenched from Monday night and beginning to smell really bad) at the laundry and then got to work it was 9am. There was a small sense of humour failure and a bit of muttering under the breath. Fortunately it wasn’t busy so I had a shower anyway claiming it was part of my lunch break.

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