Saturday, 29 October 2005



I feel guilty about taking this flight; what about the carbon emissions? It's generally agreed that carbon emissions cause global warming and here is me jetting off in a massive great lump of metal burning huge amounts of fuel in the process, some might argue that this flies in the face of raising money for the Woodland Trust. There is however a solution BA, who I am flying with, can work out how many trees need to be planted to neutralise the carbon and can plant that many trees for me if I give them some money. I will investigate this and let you know, I could be wrong.

Hopefully I will be able to go to the Caribbean and not cause any harm thus having my cake and eating it. The only problem is that I would rather spend the money on Rum and hiring Windsurf kit - stupid conscience.

I had a meeting at 7.45 this morning in London so had to stay in town last night, I had to turn the heating off opened the window before I could even be in my room it was so warm. Even so I still could not sleep for ages. I don't know how you all manage to sleep in houses (those of you who do that is), it's hard work.


lazy_hippy said...


I have been following your blog with interest. Firstly congratulations, you're mad, but I'm jealous!

Just a quick point on the air travel front;

By all means take the flight (as someone who lives in a house and drives to work I can hardly object), but be wary of assuaging your consience with tree planting. There are much greater problems with air travel than simply carbon emmissions. One of the main problems being that all this stuff is released very high in the atmosphere where it does considerably more damage than it would if released at ground level. Unfortunately I don't have any references to hand but some googling should find you a myriad of published papers on the subject. The general concensus is that the emissions from a single long-haul flight a far worse than one person could manage even driving a hummer around as a taxi.

Obviously I have no right to complain about you flying, it just seems surprisingly at odds with your general philosophy so I wondered whether you knew just how bad it is?

Good luck with the weather - not long till spring!

Hugh Sawyer said...

Hi Lazy Hippy thanks for that.

I’m not sure that going on holiday does go against my general philosophy. Sure it might go against other people’s preconceived ideas about what my general philosophy is and that is kind of why I decided to go away. Since this project became public I have read all sorts of comments about why I am doing this they have all been largely inaccurate. It seems to me that people read a couple of things about what I am doing, from this they figure that seeing as they agree with what I have said on something that I must be of the same opinion as them on a whole bunch of other issues. Then it is claimed that I am doing this because I am a believer in what they believe in. As you can imagine it is quite annoying to find something that I have put so much time and effort into being hijacked by others; however good their intentions might be it still annoys me to read that my agenda is something that it is not. So I thought that I would do something that doesn’t square with people’s preconceived ideas and thus claim the project back for myself.

One of the best things I have read is that I am doing this as a protests against products made of wood!

Mike Hinson said...


in the light of your comment "... I have read all sorts of comments about why I am doing this they have all been largely inaccurate..."

I wonder if you could take a look at the Wikipedia page I created about you & either delete it if it annoys you or correct any errors please.

All the best, /\/\

Hugh Sawyer said...

Hi Mike.

It's pretty cool to be in an encyclopedia. Thanks bro.