Friday, 28 October 2005

A Tree is for Life

A couple of Bruce’s lower leaves have started to die off it seems even this hardy soul is accepting the oncoming winter and is starting to prepare for it. His first winter, how will he survive? It’s a worrying time. I have to say that Bruce is turning out to be the perfect pet, he is independent, requires very little attention and he is always there to greet me. Not once has he run off and dug up the neighbour’s garden or attacked the vicar. These got me to thinking, why not write a little bit on the old blog and try to encourage others to adopt / plant trees, they are the perfect low maintenance pet. Best of all at this time of year tree ownership can be had for free! Better still you don’t even need a garden.

Step one Go out and gather seeds of the sort of tree you want as a pet
For a Conker tree collect Conkers – leave the green spiky bit on.
For an Acorn tree collect Acorns.

Step two Find somewhere to plant them, such as :-
Your garden.
Your neighbours garden late at night
In the park
Jam jar / bucket / flowerpot filled with dirt and left outside.

Step three Plant them – be sure and plant a few to better the chances of something growing.

Step four Wait

Step five Wait

Step six Wait

Step seven SPRING! Tree grows – life time friend, happy days.

It strikes me that if you don’t have a garden or anywhere out side to grow your own tree you could always do it inside as the size a tree will grow to depends on the amount of earth it has to grow roots in. It could be pretty cool to have a twenty year old three foot tall oak tree in the corner of the room.

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