Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Tear down the wall

So there has been an amount of sleeping in a hotel lately, nice enough.

Do I miss the woods? The cold and the dark, am I longing for the open air above me? Right now the answer is yes, I do feel slightly constricted by the boundaries around me. I would really rather be in the woods right now, boiling up a brew on the trusty jet boil and settling back to listen to the radio for a bit. Actually I would rather be anywhere that still in the office nearly 12 hours and one short break after I got here but it is more than my just wanting to be anywhere than here. I do miss being outside; the annoying thing is that there are woods all around the hotel - maybe I should have brought the Hammock and a sleeping bag with me. Mind you it is a lot colder here. The distinctive smell of winter spikes through the air on the edge of the wind, some mulled wine and a fire would deal with that.

Maybe I'm going to move beyond ferral into the realms of truly wild by the time I have been out for a year.

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