Wednesday, 12 October 2005

I have a black wallet, I woke up this morning and it was dark and the black wallet fell out of the pocket of the black jeans I was using as a pillow and landed on the floor. Fortunately the floor isn’t black or it would have been hard to see the wallet and it would have been left behind, unfortunately it was so dark that the floor might have well been black. I packed up my stuff and made my way to the nearest path just as the Owl got back from its night of hunting. By the time I got to the bus stop it was light, and by the time I realised that I had indeed left my wallet with all my money and my bus ticket in it and got back to where I had slept it was very light. I was surprised at just how much has changed over the last week. All the leaves on some trees have gone yellow and some are even turning brown. On other trees it is just the occasional branch that has changed whilst others (Bruce included) are still green. The overall effect is quite stunning, especially in the early morning sunlight, cobwebs glistening with the nights dew, their dense covering of a couple of fir trees lighting them up like Christmas trees. The rosehips have mostly gone, eaten by birds no doubt the ones that remain have gone a deep red, seeing them reminded me of the rosehip syrup Mum made when I was little; it was gorgeous and went especially well with ice cream, she only made it the once and I was about 6 at the time but it was so good I can remember it now. At primary school we used to use the middle of rosehips for itching powder – Mother Nature is a great provider.

There are lots more species of mushroom about now but I have seen none that look especially edible, going to have to get a book and find out what’s what.


Andy.M. said...

I've been following your progress since I heard a radio interview while I was driving.
Just one question at the moment, did you have to get permission to sleep in your woods or do you just go where you please?

swisslet said...

you need to get a camera or something to get a few pictures up so we can share your view of how the wood changes with the seasons.


Hugh Sawyer said...

YO Swiss T

Pictures are on the way (honest) it's just life everything is a lot more complicated to do when living in the woods. Pictures are on the way but it's going to take about half a day to organise, fingers crossed they will be on by Saturday night. This does mean I have to spend saturday in London rather than the woods.

Andy; long story but one that I will tell some time' in short I do have permission to stay in the woods.

dataphage said...

Make a bowl - big project, could take up quite a while just finding a good bit of wood to use!