Sunday, 16 October 2005

Happy days

This weekend has been great, I got until Sunday evening without leaving the woods and the only reason I left at all was because I had eaten all the food including all the emergency back up food hidden cunningly in a hollow tree in squirrel proof containers. A lot of the weekend was spent writing and hopefully I will write it up sometime soon and you'll be able to read it. Basically I really thoroughly enjoyed spending a bit of time in the woods without having to rush away. Also some fairly big things are happening in my life away from this whole wild living escapade and being in the woods really is the prefect location in which to be able to assess that which is important. If you have anything that requires a bit of serious thought going on I really would recommend ditching the phone and getting out into nature for a bit. This weekend has been the most fulfilling couple of days I can remember spending for a very long time and mostly all I did was sit about and eat, occasionally I lay down and listened to the radio.

One of the things that I thought that I should do, just to spice things up a little was throw the gates open to a little interaction, a gauntlet thrown down to the folks at BCUK, gimme a challenge guys - some form of camp craft or woodland skill you want me to learn; you know the kind of thing, light a fire by rubbing two boy scouts together; that sort of thing.

Back to the woods then, from the position here with the central heating on and the Doors blasing out on the stereo I'm inclined to see why people consider this project to be somewhat daft. On the other hand all that central heating does for me nowadays is make me feel ill. I'd be more cheerful about leaving if it wasn't raining.


SameOld said...

Making fire by friction is really hard, so I would propose a couple of projects for you:-

1) Make a simple wooden implement e.g. a spoon. You will need a sharp survival knife and a suitable lump of hardwood. A crook knife could be used in the latter stages.

2) Make a length of cordage from nettles. The outter skin of nettles can be broken up and twisted together. Gloves will stop the worst of the stinging.

Hugh Sawyer said...

Would anyone other than Chris DJ like to leavea challenge?. Make some cordage out of nettles? Thanks. When I was a kid I would use Ivy or even string but nettles! Gloves will stop the worst of the stinging will they? OK your on however I would say that Gloves, like tents, are for girls. One length of cordage made without gloves coming up - best get a witness for this one.

As for making a simple wooden implement, how about a walking stick? Or a spear?

The Less Deceived said...

I'm not really sure about the conditions you have imposed upon youself but - assuming that this doesn't infringe them - why not build a simple shelter? I'm not suggesting you build a yurt or a straw-bale shelter, but why not a simple tipi/teepee or a half-roof to lie under? If it's made from local materials (e.g. foraged from a radius of within a few hundred yards) then you might be able to appease any pangs of conscience you might have. A shelter and a platform would help keep the rain and the wind off you as we slide forward into winter. Or maybe you already have one?


bushled said...

You can follow the BCUK thread on this here. :-)

Hugh Sawyer said...

Blimey that caused a bit of a stir.

News re challenges coming up later on today. In the mean time a big thank you to all those who contributed with suggestions.