Monday, 17 October 2005


I have heard of people getting so hungry they have eaten toothpaste, I’m not sure of its nutritional value but I do know it’s delicious. When I bought the last tube I forgot that I had been buying small tubes for a reason and went and got a big one – better value and less packaging. Problem is big tube of toothpaste into small wash bag don’t go, well it does but only just and not for long. So I end up shaving this morning by the light of a torch held between my knees using what remains of my shaving mirror which is covered in toothpaste. I stopped and took a look out over Oxfordshire on my walk to the bus, leaning on a fence, drinking tea and watching the car lights on the motorway snake away into the distance as first light came up and really appreciated how lucky I am. I have seen the sunrise virtually everyday for the last four months and it has invariable been a fantastic sight. It is with no little regret that I make my way off to the bus stop, the weekend has been relaxed and fun and I was not looking forward to rejoining civilisation. Sure it’s nice to see everyone but I would rather be sat in the upper branches of a tree and enjoying the autumn leaves than sat in an office.


Zara-thustra said...

I used to have the occasional nibble on toothpaste when I was a kid, but apparently if you eat too much it can cause tooth mottling.

Ace McGraw said...

I don't know why, but I once used toothpaste as hair gel. Took me ages to pick it all out, but it still tated nice

Hugh Sawyer said...

I forgot to mention that as my razor was covered in toothpaste I ended up using it as shaving foam. Jolly minty smelling I was that day.