Monday, 10 October 2005


Ok, maybe Hotels don't suck maybe it was just the one I was in for most of the week. We all moved Hotels on my last night and the new one was absolutely excellent; white linen sheets, a decent weight of duvet, pillow of just the right firmness and, best of all, a mattress that had just enough give in it to mold to the shape of my body. I was in Heaven. Come mid day when it was time to leave to get my flight back I really did not want to leave. Suddenly the idea of waking about with a heavy rucksack and sleeping in the woods was less appealing.

On the other hand though I have missed this woods, sure I have been able to go for a couple of walks and a bit of a run through the woods in Germany but it's not the same. My patch of woodland has the definite feel of home to it now and I am really looking forward to getting back to it, living in a damp dirty environment might take a while to get used to again but overall I think that it is worth it. The combined senses of freedom and self reliance more than make up for any physical discomforts and there is something deeply fulfilling about sleeping under the stars.

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