Monday, 3 October 2005

So what is it like to be sleeping in a nice hotel when the most luxury I have had of a late has been occasioinaly crashing out on a mates sofa? Can you imagine how great it feels after all this time and all the nonsense getting wet, falling out of hammocks, getting wet, being cold, not having any place to call me own to get a room in a Hotel. A room with carpets, central heating, a shower, a kettle with those little biscuits and a big double beds with crisp white linnen sheets. I can imagine it, I imagined it quite a bit last night; last night I spent in Hannover Airport trying to sleep in one of those chairs that they design to be imposible to sleep in to stop homeless people doing just that. I would have slept on the floor but it was cold enough in the chair the stone floor would have just sapped my body heat leaving me feeling even more exhausted than I do right now. Five hours sleep since I got up on Friday. At times my feet itch I'm that tired. I don't know why but whenever I get really tired the soles of my feet start itching, this does nothing to improve my mood.

One good thing is that I gave up drinking coffee about a year ago the reasoning being that it was silly to use it daily just to function when it is possible to function without it, much better to save it for when, like today, I'm properly tired. One coffee and a Mars Bar and I'm flying for ten minutes, then it's back to itchy feet and having to use my fingers to count up to three.

For some reason I keep trying to talk to people in Greek, this is odd as I am in Germany and I dont speak Greek

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