Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Jeremy Clarkson

Last night it didn't rain, the bivi bag worked fine.

Before I went to bed I had a take away curry in Oxford and whilst I was waiting to be served I read one of the two papers left out for the entertainment of the customers; the one I picked up was a couple of weeks old and had a story in it about Jeremy Clarkson. Apparently he was awarded an honouree degree by Oxford Brookes University and after the ceremony some environmentalist student threw a custard pie in his face. What confused me was the paper was carrying on as though this was some kind of insult to Mr Clarkson. I was fortunate enough to study at Oxford, jolly good fun it was too. Oxford is a place like no other a city of 'dreaming spires', a place steeped in traditions; some silly, some purposeful. Anyone who has witnessed the after exam celebrations in Oxford will have been made aware of one of the better traditions which is to douse any friend who has just finished exams in all manner of food stuffs. Oxford, come mid June is awash with students covered in Champagne, flour, eggs, treacle, feather (on one occasion an entire bucket of fish entrails) and who knows what else. What then is the big hoo ha about J.C. getting one custard pie in the face? It’s just a sign of respect round Oxford way.

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Lucky said...

nah, it wasn't a sign of friendliness, it was most definitely to express annoyance at Oxford Brookes giving an honorary degree to such a petrolhead who prides himself on his disregard for the environment. See for details.