Tuesday, 6 September 2005

What will happen?

On the Just Giving site there is a thermometer charting how much progress has been made in reaching the target.like they have on Blue Peter. What I'm curious about is what will happen when the target is hit; will the thermometer explode or will the site stop taking donations? Chances are that windows will shut down. What will happen? To help discover please leave some money for the Woodland Trust by clicking on the Sponsor me link to the right and would the person who takes it over the £1,500 mark please leave a comment so we can all find out.

A big thank you to everyone who has given money so far.


ei ku said...

Just to let you know I like your blog. Bye now, green tea diet

Barbara said...

What you're doing is great! If you survive Winter, we will all be joining you. ; ) But how do you keep your clothes neat for work, with no iron, etc??

Good luck,


Steve said...

That was the question I wanted to ask too; how do you keep a set of clean clothes (I guess they stay at work?).

The other question is why did you choose to stay in Oxfordshire, rather than woods closer to (or in) London?