Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Nearly forgot

still itchy


Marquis said...

Hi ditchmonkey, My name's Imran I work at Radio 1 and we'd really like to talk to you. Could you drop me a line at imranahmed79@hotmail.com? Cheers I

Mike Hinson said...

Hi, I have just created an entry on Wikipedia for you.

I hope you keep going and learn a few good tricks to make life pleasant in the woods.

- Alisha said...

Hi Ditchmonkey.
You know there's an article published about you here in Australia? I was looking at the 'Downshifting Downunder' website for my PhD researchy stuff and found an article about your fundraising efforts. Your name into Google and Bingo! A Blog!

Fantastic going by the way, always appreciate a bit of direct action with a philosophical bent. I'll be posting my donation on pay day.

Keep it up!