Thursday, 22 September 2005

How to save the world, look tough and impress girls before breakfast.

I used to windsurf, jolly good fun it was too but I kind of managed to mislay all my kit and I don’t live near the sea so it’s a bit of a distant memory. Anyway I was no good at it but it was a lot of fun, although the state of the sea in this country left a lot to be desired. You would think as someone who was once a paid up member of Surfers Against Sewage that I would be all for the odd splash of soap into the water system to clean all the mess up; far from it. In fact I’m dead against it, fish and the like don't take to kindly to soap, bit like aquatic crusties really.

An equation to illustrate the point

soap + water = bad for fish and stuff, therefore:-
less soap + water = better for fish and stuff.

I used to use great big canisters of shaving foam and all the huge amounts of foam I used everyday would wind up getting washed out into the water system and contributing to the pollution of rivers and the like. When I moved out into the woods it rapidly became clear that the key to success would be to have to carry as little as possible and thus I looked to reduce the size of everything I carried. It was then I discovered shaving oil, tiny bottle, wet your face, two or three drops et voilla smooth faced but tiny amount of environmental harm. Sure it took a day or two to get used to but soon enough I was wandering why I had ever used anything else. But there is more, and this is where the impressing girls bit comes in, a while back and through no fault of my own I discovered that I had misplaced my shaving oil but needed a shave before work. No choice for it but to shave without, I guess the three months of using shaving oil had toughened my face up because it was as easy as shaving with gallons of foam had been just three months before and now I no longer use even shaving foam. So, if one day you find yourself shaving minus the soap looking for all the world (at least in your own eyes) like a later day Crocodile Dundee and some honey, eyes widened by such a blatant display of masculinity, asks why you don’t use soap. You know what to do. Just tell her that the thought of the foam getting into the water supply and ending up poisoning little baby seals that frolic in the surf was just too much to bare so you gave up using it. Result.

In answer to Hajo's comment

there are diferent brands

The two main ones are Somerset and King of Shaves they can be bought in most pharmacies along side all the shaving kit, if you can't find them there they should be in your local camping shop.


Haio said...

Where do you buy this oil ?
Are there different brands ?

Hugh Sawyer said...

hey Hajo

I have hopefully answered your question by adding a bit to the end of the post

Marc said...

just noticed I could add comments.
I've been reading your blog for a while now. Really enjoyable reading and dreaming of the "wilderness". If only....

Haio said...

Hi Hugh,
thanks for the brands. Will look them up during my October visit to rural England. Though I admit it's highly unlikely I ever part with my water-spoiling badger-plus-cream-ritual...

Different question:
Ever considered beefing up your blog with digcam-pix ? Probably too much of a fuss, isn'it?

Hugh Sawyer said...

Photos are coming, they have been taken but the computer that I use to write the blog won't let me install software and so I can't upload the images. Will have to find another computer

Photos of Bruce on the way.

bushled said...

I've never seen the reason for shaving foams/soaps etc. Good hot water is about all that's needed, and much better for the skin too. (There was an article in The Ecologist magazine recently about shaving foams that made interesting reading).

Vicky said...

And I believe LUSH do a nice mens shaving cream as well, also very eco-friendly. It comes in a little tub and it smells great!

jason palmer said...

I use a shaving brush and dove soap, works well, and you can wash your face with it too :)