Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Stupid Hammock

The last few days have been quite busy and so I was glad to get back to the woods last night; I am finding the woods to be the perfect setting for quiet contemplation. Certainly on the bus on the way in this morning I was properly relaxed again and ready to face the day.

I was in Brick Lane yesterday evening and Andy and Tania invited themselves over for dinner, only fair really as I have been making full use of their hospitality. The problem is that not only are they demanding I make something special to eat, but they demand it be a black tie dinner. The thing I like about my friends is the way they rally round to make my life easier.

It was about midnight by the time I gat back to Chez Monkey and I decided to have another go at sleeping in the Hammock, this time I made sure to tie both ends at the same height and to make sure that it was far enough off the ground. I have had enough of lying on the ground cocooned in the Hammock. There is a handy mosquito net permanently attached over the top so the entry is through the bottom, the problem is that it is quite tricky to get in and into a sleeping bag. I am sure there is a knack to it but it has as yet eluded me. I have tried getting into the sleeping bag first and then worming my way in, there was much cursing. Getting into the hammock first and then getting into the sleeping bag was even worse; I managed to get in up to my waist before finding my movements so constricted that it took about five minutes to negotiate my self back to freedom sat on my rucksack. Last nights assault on the hammock consisted of equal parts enthusiasm and determination and it was a mere ten minutes before I achieved comfort. I discovered that true to its claims it is possible to lie flat in the Hammock and mighty comfortable it is too, unless you move. Move and the thing starts swinging, this is a bit disconcerting if you are used to sleeping on stationary things, like the ground. This would become quite an issue were you to be the sort of person who rolls about all night, I roll about all night. By the morning I had rolled about so much that a flat back was a distant memory and I was only being held from crashing to the floor by the mosquito net, I was quite surprised that it had not ripped. It was also quite cold maybe I was rolling about to try to find some warmth. The shirt I had been using as a pillow was wrapped around my neck and I have to admit that I had ever such a slight sense of humour failure. I think I might keep the Hammock for guests.


bushled said...

You've got a bungie on each side of your hammock. Pull those out and tie them taught to something (or stake them in the ground) and you'll not be swinging around so much when you turn over.

I take it your sleeping bag hasn't got a full-length zip? If it has, then it's simply a case of unzipping one side, getting into the hammock with the sleeping bag to one side of you, feet into the bottom and roll into it. Do the zip up and fall asleep!

Hugh Sawyer said...

I did forget to attach those bungies, will try again soon. No zip on sleeping bag. I think I probably roll about too much for a hammock but I will give it a go.

Thank you

ian said...

Hi there,
You want to have a look on " " there are quite a few posts about hammocks. I think you definatly need a bag with at least one zip down the side. I have just bought a Nanok with zips down both sides.
I have just ordered a hammock myself, so as yet I cannot speak from experience. But I have read the way to go is lay your bag over the hammock, at 90 degrees to it,sit on top of your open bag,put your feet into it [this is where the zip comes in] then just swing your legs into hammock, do up zip, go to sleep.A lot of bushcrafters swear by them, but as I said I have that joy to come. Ian