Friday, 9 September 2005

Mind the bugs don't bite.

Whatever it was that was living in the hood of my sleeping bag on Wednesday night was not there last night, it had moved into the main body of bag. I gave up trying to count how many times I was bitten but there are plenty of welts. If itching was a profession I would be top of my field based on today's play. It took me until about two in the morning to realise that the way to cure the problem of the un-wanted guest was to turn the sleeping bag inside out. Fortunately there is a huge storm brewing right now and I hope the ensuing downpour will drown the critters tonight.

Last night though, I had the best night's sleep I have had for ages, I was positively cheery when the German TV crew turned up at six to film my morning routine. I was a little less cheery when they shone a big light in my eyes and started asking insightful questions that required a lot of thought but an immediate answer. All this before the morning caffeine hit. I'm not sure that my answers would stand up to close scrutiny but I think I got away with it.

Looks like it is going to rain a lot tonight, oh joy. I was going to go out in Oxford tonight and maybe stay over at a friend's house. Trouble is that if it is raining like this that would seem the unsporting thing to do.


Carandol said...

Good luck with your project! Having sold most of my posessions to spend a few months living in a small tent in an orchard in Germany a few years back, I can identify with your project.

If my experience is anything to go by, your night vision will get better; your desire to be close to nature will increase; your tolerance of noisy cities will decrease; and you'll continue to find yourself living with minimal posessions for ever after.

I don't envy you the winter, though...

Hostess with the Mostest said...

Good luck. Very admirable.