Friday, 2 September 2005


Coming soon.

Your invited to a party round at my place. Well I don't have a place at the moment so those nice people at Scram (seee the link to the right for their latest info) and Hedonismhelps have decided to run a fund raising club night in aid of the Woodland Trust.

Watch this space.


Vicky said...

Gosh, I'm going to regret finding this site :o) I've always wanted to go camping and sort of never leave... My mum wants to know what you do about the toilet, and I want to know if you pay rent or anything? Do you get chased by angry farmers? Where do you blog from? Okay, sorry I'm really nosy ;)

Re: the party, I'd say 'count me in' except I'm not really a party person.

Nice blog!

Hugh Sawyer said...

Hey Vicky

Get camping but maybe make sure you choose a decent night for it.

Tell your Mum I have been fortunate and never had to go in the woods.

No I don't pay rent :)

Not been chased by farmers angry or otherwise

Blog from internet cafes or after work.

I can see from your photo that you are not a party person. I think it will be the first weekend of December.