Friday, 16 September 2005

The doors of perception

Last night was a bit urban, I went to Victoria Jones' Gallery opening on Wandsworth Bridge Rd and had a really good evening. Victoria gave me a copy of The London Jungle Book by Bhajju Shyam as she thought I would appreciate it. She was right, it is a book written and illustrated by an artist from a small village in the forests of central India and it is about how he, as someone who had never traveled before, views London. It really got me thinking about how we perceive the world around us, I'm just wandering how many of my ideas about how the woodland works will have turned out by the end of the 12 months to be merely perception and the truth to be very different.

Whilst I'm recommending things I would hugely recommend The Gods Must be Crazy - quite simply the best film ever made. It looks all a bit home made for the first 5 minutes but it is well worth sticking with it.


Gertie Greyhound said...

May I suggest that you infuse your soup this evening with a clove or two of smoked garlic. The excretions through your pores should repel most biting things.

A Colonel said...

Humdrum day:

Got up. Took dog for walk. Spent day at work until coming back in evening. Took dog for another walk. Did not feed it until 6.47pm as too busy swilling pink gin with Mrs Colonel

A Colonel said...

Hmmph, don't know what my domestic schedule is doing appearing in the comment above - What I meant to say was, is there any difference between perception and truth, where woods are concerned? They are (to paraphrase Prince Harry, who in turn might have been quoting Popeye) what they are.