Monday, 26 September 2005


G'day folks

I have jsut been reminded that I am supposed to be keeping you up to date with developments in the life of Bruce. Well the little fella was looking perky last time I saw him, leaves a bright green reaching for the skies, he is looking a bit taller these days, not so much because he has grown but because someone trampled down all the undergrowth around him to give him the best start in life; I have no idea who that could have been.

The leaves are starting to turn yellow on some of the trees and the Rosehips are fully ripe on top of the hill but down at the bottom they still have a week or so to go before becoming ripe. Plenty of Sloes everywhere and they are getting fat. I noticed the first berries on Yew trees yesterday morning. All in all then the signs of Autumn are all about but Bruce is having none of it and appears to be putting in as much effort into growing as possible.

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