Monday, 12 September 2005

The Life of Bruce

I have adopted a sapling and named it Bruce, Bruce is about 7 inches tall and of the genus, tree. I will be keeping a constant update of Bruce’s life until June. Bruce and I met on Saturday, he lives in a clearing in the forest and his hobbies include standing around in the forest and growing taller than his rivals so he can get to the light first. Bruce got rained on a lot over the weekend, apparently this was a good thing as the summer has been very dry and he was rather thirsty. His main worries are being eaten by rabbits or being trodden on by me. I will, if anyone will trust me with their digital camera, take regular photos of Bruce and post them here. Should I forget to keep you up-dated in the world of Bruce do drop me a line and I will be sure to go and visit him at the next available opportunity.


Jayster said...

To Hugh & Bruce.
Well done on a fantastic venture. Keep the bitey things away. For you Hugh they are merley an inconvenience - for Bruce they could be far more devastating!

Keep up the good work.

SwissToni said...

just as long as you aren't going mental spending all this time alone....


Sparky said...
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Sparky said...

Awesome project!
I read about you in a supplement of the Japan Times - you are World Famous!

I have considered doing this sort of thing in the past, but have never put my mind to it totally. Here in Japan the number and variety of creepy crawlies seems to be more exotic and challenging than what i have experienced at home in Britain, but it sounds like you have been having just as many mosquito issues.

I have a question for you: You obviously have no address (except maybe The Ditch, The Woods, Oxfordshire), but how do you fit this in with the more "normal" parts of your life in which you may have to fill in forms with your address on etc?

Best of luck for the winter!
(hope you don't mind me linking to you from my blog)

Moduser said...

To Bruce and his carer,

As the weather gets colder it's important that you stay dry as well as warm, water is an excellent conductor of heat.
When you use the hammock install a sleeping mat in it to help keep you warm (a non slip one would be best).
Invest in a warm hat, a lot of heat is lost through the head.

If you ditch the old petrol stove, have a look at something like the Trangia meths stove, cheap to run and no moving parts to break.

All the best

ODM (Original Ditch Monkey) said...