Friday, 23 September 2005

Ferrero Roche

I got an email from my mate Whiskey today, he suggested that I pop round and get the spare key for the lock I had borrowed from him to attach the sleeping bag to the tree with. I wrote back and asked if this was the same spare key he had lent me and I had put in a ‘safe place’. Apparently it was. Fortunately when I locked the sleeping bag to the tree I also hid a couple of bits of granite in the area, the theory being that if I lost the key I would be able to smash the lock between the bits of Granite I think it has come to the point where the lock has to be sacrificed. Best go buy Whiskey a new padlock to lend me.

Last night was a bit of a contrast to the normal Wood living antics, it started off at the a Fashion show at the Argentinean Ambassador’s residence, lots of clothes, lots of models wearing stuff like this lots of champagne and a whole bunch of mischief. From there I managed to find my way to Brick Lane, somehow loosing my friends and wallet on the way. When I got there I discovered another fashion show going on, this time all the clothes had been created from recycled clothes. Green and funky, and plenty of good music. Soon though the lure of the Big Chill bar proved too much and it was time to regale the crowd with a display of woodland dance moves. I resisted the urge to show off a move I witnessed, but have never managed to replicate properly, performed by Dave in Oxford a couple of weeks ago; the Dance, I was informed, is called “The Squirrel Dance”. The Dance, I belief, proves beyond doubt that Dave has Lakota Indian ancestry; it requires him to go into a trance like state and find his spiritual guide, which in Dave’s case is evidently a Squirrel, once communing with his guide he allows the spirit of the Squirrel to take over his body and soul. Once this has happened the result is breathtaking, Dave adopts the manner and movements of a squirrel that is so convincing it is possible to forget that it is a person who is dancing and not indeed a squirrel. On one occasion Dave was chased up a horse chestnut tree by a border collie named George. I am hoping that Dave will be persuaded to perform this dance at the party, if so maybe you too will witness this rare treat. Details of the party are coming soon, promise.

Anyway if you are interested in having your old clothes funked up go check out this lot

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