Sunday, 25 September 2005

Need your help

I'm in a rush so going to have to be quick.

Have spent a really good couple of nights in the woods - everything seems to be going right!

Anyway the thought that I had last night whilst sitting next to a fire and listening to Judge Jules went a little like this

I'm off to Germany for a week at the end of next week and I'm going with work who are putting me up in a hotel. Like I have said previously I don't view this as cheating as I am trying to live a normal life, albeit one where I happen to live in the woods whilst living it. In fact I am not particularly looking forward to it because I know that I am going to loose all the toughness I have built up whilst pampered in the hotel and it's going to end up being a bit of a shock to the system when I return to the woods. Anyway I'm owed a bit more holiday so I have a deal to put to you lot; if by the time I get back from Germany (9th October) £2000 sponsorship has been raised I will use my holiday to spend 9 days solid in the woods without coming out and only taking with me what I can carry. So if you want to see how I cope with that, get sponsoring and hassle your friends to do the same. If £2000 isn't raised I'm going to swan off to Barbados or something and see how life in a Hammock is there.

The ball is in your court.

Right got to go and meet some friends and go watch 'It's a Knockout'.

Got some excellent pictures over the weekend, should be up soon.



Haio said...

If your Germany-assignment should include Berlin, you could maintain ditching out by sleeping rough on/in my jungle of a balcony

Alice said...

Hugh, you are amazing and have made me want to go and live in a tree even more. Quick query - I am hassling everyone I know to sponsor you and I just realised with head hung in shame that I haven't actually done it myself. Is there anywhere people can send donations who can't do it online cause they haven't been allowed an adult's card since they were impecunious students? Cheques or something?
Alice (of Balliol days) xx