Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Getting there

Last night was good, sure I left my alarm clock out in the rain and as a result it went off at 5am rather than 6 and sure I spilt the pasta all over the floor and this was the bit of the floor that was designated as my bed. However, when I woke an hour early I discovered that my perfectly built shelter made from my gore-tex sheet and a few branches had indeed stayed up in the howling winds of last night, not only that it had kept the rain out beautifully. It was just a shame that I had rolled out from its cover and was thus greeted with a wet and muddy sleeping bag. Ok so I lost my recently found wallet and wasted a bunch of time unpacking everything in the search for it. Nevertheless, it does feel as though I am getting the hang of all this. If nothing else I am getting enough sleep and the woods are really feeling like home now.

A question – who is up for a Party in Brixton on 11th November? Tim from Scram and myself are planning a party to raise money for the Woodland Trust and also because parties are good and Tim throws especially good ones. So, before we go and lay a bunch of money on the line by hiring a venue we thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone was up for it that night. If you are up for it (in theory at least) do you reckon you could email me? Just go to my profile and click on the email me option. Parties are good.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are sussing the art of roughing it. Still no joy on the bivvy bag??

SameOld said...

Bivvy bags are a very cool bit of kit, it does away with the need for a tent (and I know how you think tents are a bit girly). Have you been able to light a camp fire at all? There's nothing so cheery as a nice fire.

P.S. Best wishes to Bruce

Hugh Sawyer said...

Have had one fire

it was good, spent the evening just chilled out feeding it the odd bit of wood and thinking about nothing much.