Wednesday, 14 September 2005


Went for a walkabout last night and met a guy walking, I was informed that there where hoodlums about who had just set fire to a car and that I should watch out, that would explain the Police Helicopter that was buzzing about like a demented bee on a stick of light. I thought the best plan would be to go and find the burning car. I would have thought it would be fairly easy to find a burning car in the countryside; there are very few cars of any description at all so I had imagined that a burning one would catch the eye. Not a bit of it, couldn’t find it anywhere, and I did search sensibly i.e. the sort of places where cars tend to congregate, like roads. I did smell burning at one point so imagined myself to be on the right track, a track that led to a car park. Just the sort of place to burn a car I deduced with razor-sharp reasoning honed to perfection from years of watching Poirot and Morse. Far from being met with a merry blaze to toast myself by I was greeted by the site of many people who had driven out to the car par to walk their dogs. I backed away slowly for fear of being savaged by one of the creatures and decided I had had enough adventures for one night.

I found a mossy clearing to bed down in and got a very good night’s sleep occasionally I would wake to the sound of the wind through the trees, no doubt the edge of the tail end of Hurricane watsit that hit Sweden last night.