Tuesday, 6 September 2005

This is Radio Perth (The Verbal Ammunition)

One of the weirdest things that has happened in the last couple of days was a phone call from Radio Perth requesting a phone interview with me at 10:30 this evening (that’s morning their time). Sounds like a lot of fun, if nothing else it would be an opportunity to ask them to make sure the Ashes are sent recorded delivery. The problem is that I was supposed to be taking the call on someone else’s phone this evening and for reasons beyond my control I’m not going to be with them and so they can’t call me, not only that I didn’t get their number either. I am writing this in the hope that they check up on this blog tonight and realise.


Last night I had visitors, members of the press came out to stay. Fortunately it was a nice night, although there was a little moisture in the air. I hope they had a comfortable night, I’m not convinced they did – apparently I snored and there was an awful lot of strange rustling in bushes. I’m guessing that those are the same noises that used to keep me awake; although I lived in London my room was actually quiet at night. Unless my housemate was drunk and playing play station, in which case I would invariably be assisting in his efforts so I was used to quiet at night. The woods are not a quiet place at night as all the animals go about their business so it takes a bit of time to get used to all the movements I guess. It was really good to have company, we sat around and had a chat and slowed from city pace to the pace of the woods, I made some hot chocolate and then threw it away as it tasted of soap. I had washedup with wet wipes last night but obviously had forgotten to rinse.

A friend of mine from work has given me a waterproof army sleeping bag I think Winter is now sorted, noticed last night that mine offers virtually no warmth at all anymore. So a big shout out to Andy Sessions.


Anonymous said...

Ditch donkey,

If you can get hold of a bivvy bag that will make things a lot more comfortable.

Good luck!

Hugh Sawyer said...

Bivy bags

Had one for a bit, very nice too. Had to give it back though, might have to buy one - thanks for reminding me.

swisslet said...

I used to have one of those army sleeping bags, and I'd hate to have to rely on it being 'waterproof'. I also seem to recall that it was very warm, but that moisture is trapped on the inside, so you wake up a bit damp, which isn't great. It is warm though, so you should be alright on that front anyway.

What time is it getting light these days? I noticed this evening that it was noticeably dark at about 6pm, and wondered what impact this was having at the other end of the day. What time are you waking up?