Friday, 7 April 2006

Tricky business.

I have just been over at the BCUK site, well worth a visit if you are into all this out door lark. It occured to me, Mike and I are heading to Ecuador, but I have a ticket to Brazil that I bought by mistake - well I was trying to go to see the Rolling Stones. I cunningly learnt some Spanish - En que direccion esta Ecuador? - In what direction is Ecuador? The problem is that they speak Portuguese in Brazil.

There is a lot more to going to live in the Jungle than you might think.

I have started a kit list,

Jungle Kit List; First Draft.



Stuart Robinson said...

Why not emulate the early pioneers?


Yup, uhuh, yes, sensible..

* A small chest of drawers
* One mahogany writing bureau
* 150 pounds of lard

There, that's a good start! I'm sure you can handle it from here old chap.

airabove said...

Item 2. Hayfever tablets. One mosquito bite is itchy. But when you have twenty every one itches more. And I'm sure there are lots of other exciting bitey things out there too. Need anti-histamines to stop scratching in sleep.

Hugh Sawyer said...

lard, goes without saying surely.

anti histamines - had not thought of that.

Vicola said...

Anti-freeze. Big furry angry creatures such as giant spiders don't like anti-freeze. If you spray it at them they'll run away without you actually having to wrestle them. Well that's the theory anyway, they may just get annoyed.

Personally I think you must both be nuts. I'm a firm believer in the saying "If it has spiders that can't be dealt with by a rolled up copy of the Guardian then don't go there". But hey, if you're going you may as well go prepared.

I would also suggest taking a dartboard.

Lexa said...

Shashi is going to write a jungle living blog soon, I'm sure she has plenty of good advice! OK she lives in a house in the jungle, but it hasn't got any walls!

Matthew Coombes said...

Sat. Phone so you can keep up the blog!