Thursday, 6 April 2006

Mission Improbable

I'm useless at keeping secrets.

Mike and I are going to go and live in the forest for another year, only this time we are going to do it in South America. We hope to raise lots of money for a reforestatino project. Hope so, those woods are full of spiders and snakes and all kinds of things that you probably don't want to think about too much. Obviously we won't be able to commute to work from South America, I looked on the map it is a long way. So we are going to run an online business from the Jungle, as you do.


Candy said...

From Oxford to the Amazon, that's quite a change. Good luck with it!

Hugh Sawyer said...

Good luck? What can possibly go wrong?

Thank you

HMStack said...

Amazing and another wow. Somehow, tho', it does not seem at all surprising. I mean, how on earth does anyone settle to general humdrummery living after being in a wood for - how long? Oh, all those months.

But I am not sure about snakes and spiders. I think that takes a special kind of bravery.

I think also it must feel incredibly good to be able to achieve somethings highly commendable and worthwhile, at the same time as living a dream. Notwithstanding that dream may well be anyone else's nightmare.

Best of wishes. But won't your family miss you?


Hugh Sawyer said...

Not in the slightest bit brave, although thank you for projecting that image on to me. It just seems like the natural progression from what I have experienced so far.

I will certainly miss my family, but I will try to come back to the UK for a holiday at some point. I think really that one needs to step out of the comfort zone once in a while to experience life. Or at least to end up realising how nice it is in the comfort zone and that it is a silly thing to do to step out of it.

Mum said that I have been showing unprecedented maturity by telling people before I go off to do stupid things.