Friday, 21 April 2006


It’s the Queen’s birthday, happy birthday the Queen. I expect she is a regular reader, partial to a bit of ditch dwelling is the Queen, it’s all those moats round her castles that did it. Chased a runaway corgi down one in 1968 and hasn’t looked back since. I had a birthday once, Rob came, we went to the pub to celebrate and we were introduced to a celebration drink. Mostly celebration drinks tend towards being drinkable, Champagne for example can be very drinkable I like Champagne; it is a good thing to have in ones life. I had kind of thought that Champagne would be a good thing to drink on my Birthday Rob went to the bar and I sat back chatting to friends looking forward to something in a bottle that gives a reassuring pop when opened. Rob came back, he had met someone called Bones at the bar, the name alone should have put him on guard. Bones had talked Rob out of buying Champagne in favour of something “better”. I like green things, trees and all that business, lovely, drinks shouldn’t be green though and they especially should not be muddy green; the drinks he returned with were muddy green. They tasted, well wrong, not the sort of thing that anyone would voluntarily clean the bath with. Apparently it is rude to refuse a birthday present. The night out was a short lived affair.

The drink in question is called a Bull Rush; it is made of Absinth and Red Bull its effects are interesting. Since then the Bull Rush has become a favourite celebratory drink. No that’s wrong, there is nothing favourite about them at all, they do however get bought when either Rob or I has a birthday and it would be a sign of great weakness to refuse one. Last night was Rob’s drinks, apparently the rules of leaving drinks are the same as birthdays, I wasn’t aware of this. Most places refuse to serve Bull Rushes on the grounds that the sort of people that would drink them are not welcome, we found a bar that was more than happy to give them to us; mind you I had a burger there and it did lead me to suspect that the chef at least held the sanctity of human life in very low regard. I have never had a burger that tasted of calamari before. Four of us hit the dance floor and made lots of friends; I think there was random hugging of strangers. Mind you they were playing the Prodigy so that kind of thing is expected. I wonder if the Queen will eschew the fizzy wine option this year and plump for the Bull Rush option. If she does no doubt she will make friends with two slightly deranged guys on a night bus. Night buses in London are great, you meet the nicest people and its not at all worrying when you get off and they start following you about.

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Vicola said...

Bull Rush? Hmmm. Sounds, erm...chemically suspect. Just be thankful it didn't have fire on the top. One of my bearded friends once drank a muddy green drink with fire on top and it didn't go at all well.