Monday, 3 April 2006


Last night I ended up not cooking the Thai curry on account of a disparity between the ingredients needed and what I actually had. I was missing cumin, nam plam and coriander root, I could of got away without the fish sauce and the root but it just wasn’t going to happen without cumin. Instead I made a kind of chilli; again it really needed cumin but whatever.

Pork loin, cubed, seasoned and coated with smoked paprika
Shallots, sliced
Chick peas, 1 tin
Kidney beans, 1 tin
Salt pepper
Smoked paprika
Dried coriander powder
Fresh Corriander

Sweat the shallots until soft and then add the pork, increase the heat (put billy can closer to flame) and brown the meat. Add a hearty amount of smoked paprika, coriander powder and tobasco to taste. Add the chick peas and kidney beans (water and all if you are low on water) and simmer for an hour. Serve with freshly chopped coriander served through and some crusty bread on the side. The chick peas are quite dry so it really needed some sour cream or something. It could have done with some rice, my rice came out of its bag; there is a small hole in the side pouch of my rucksack for a couple of days I was highly amused by the fact that I was leaving a small trail of rice wherever I went. When I found I had no rice left I was not so amused.


Bunny said...

That sounds quite delicious;I will make it on dry land with my trusty Aga. I am a very messy cook, and create a lot of washing up. I could do with a masterclass with you. You have the three loveliest months of the year ahead of you to enjoy; I cannot imagine how you survived this cold winter; I could see my breath when I went to bed, and that was indoors ! Bunny.

Hugh Sawyer said...

If I were you I would add a tin of tomatoes at the same time as the beans. A few roasted peppers added shortly before serving would give it a really nice fresh twist.