Monday, 10 April 2006


I ask you. April the 9th and there was snow, loads of it. Not that fun crispy slide about on and throw at your friends kind of snow either. No it was snow as an after thought following a day’s rain wet miserable drip down your back kind of snow. I can assure you that this kind of snow is not the kind of snow that fills one with enthusiasm at the prospect of going to sleep in it. Mind you it was very pretty, just the sort of pretty that is best left for Christmas cards or at least looking at through a window. I went to bed at about 9 on account of there being nothing else to do and, having just got back, I couldn’t be bothered to light a fire using damp or wet wood. I reasoned that I could stay warm in my sleeping bag and get a good night’s sleep and so get up nice and early in the morning. Because it was so cold I went and dug out my emergency reserve sleeping bag from where it was stashed. A second sleeping bag should keep me warm and so I was guaranteed a good night’s sleep. I awoke after a night when I had kept waking, it had been horrible but at least now I was ready to go to work, it was still dark. I might even have time to go to the gym before work; this would be good the idea of a swim and a sauna was just the thing. I looked at my watch to find out how early it was. Midnight! It was midnight and I was fully awake. Drat. I forced my self back to sleep, only to wake a little later feeling parched and groggy, I was too hot. So I had to kick off the second sleeping bag.

Actually I’m too tired and annoyed to go through the entire list of what went wrong last night. I woke up about every half hour, felt lethargic and miserable. Got soaked through, then frozen because the temperature dipped again after the cloud burst. It was grim, probably one of the worst nights that I have had. Utterly horrible. When I did wake up the first thing I thought was that I don’t want to do this any more. Then I realised that not only am I in the woods until June the 21st that then I’m going to the Jungle with Mike. I was not happy at all at this prospect. The jungle is going to be very hard work indeed.

Oh well.

In other news

Mike moves in on Saturday. His blog will be up and running from Thursday.


The Less Deceived said...

Perhaps it's worth trying one of these:

At least you'd be dry, probably, and reasonably comfortable at nights...


Hugh Sawyer said...

I might well be using one of those for the jungle

Penny Munn said...

I got a Mayan Mexican hammock last week to see me through the weeks when I have no space for a bed in what's left of the house. It's quite different from the usual European and American hammocks. The design of the weave means that it stretches laterally for yards and you arrange yourself side-on to the supports instead of between them as is usual for hammocks. Learning to get into it reminded me of all your early blogs about falling out of your hammock, Hugh. It's extremely confortable and will probably become a fixture if I can develop the abdominal strength to get out of it in less than five minutes in the mornings.

TheJamMan said...

Are the rules going to be the same in the jungle or will you be able to build a tree house complete with rope ladder and password entirely out of bamboo?

Hugh Sawyer said...

I have been discussing with Mike how much mosquito netting we could possibly carry. there have also been discussions on solar powered dehumidifiers.

I'm not entirely sure what the rules are yet but obviously we won't be sleeping on the floor with no cover. the no tent rule in the UK was mostly to make it a bit more interesting, I imagine the jungle is quite intersting enough without trying to make things hard.