Monday, 3 April 2006

Good morning

I awoke this morning quite easily at 6, favouring a gentle start I declined the morning chorus’ invitation to rouse myself. So I lay looking up, for once not at the underside of my tarpaulin but at the boughs of the yew tree and the trunks of some half dozen Beeches silhouetted against the lightening sky. Rolling over to face the east I was treated to the sight of the first direct light from the sun cracking white across the horizon. Normally I would lie cut off from such a view closed in by the tarpaulin, the hood of the sleeping bag closed tight across my face and the darkness of the night. Now that spring is here I have cast aside the tarp, perhaps none too wise in light of all the April showers the night so readily provided, and taken a step closer to nature. It was in this spirit that I turned off my radio and let the sound of the bird song wash over me and the minutes gently roll past. A Red Kite sailed overhead as I stretched the sleep from my limbs. It was a slow introduction to the day and by far the nicest I have had for some time.


Wallace said...

I read the article in the Sunday Times. Novel way to go about things but brilliant at the same time. It's like Swampy meets Danny Wallace! No relation of mine! (if you've not read any of his stuff then do. I reckon you'd like it!)

Anyway - Keep up the good work and best of luck with finishing the challenge and raising pot loads of cash for the trust.

I've stuck a link to your blog on mine, and I'll encourage people where I can to pay a visit.

All the best.


Hugh Sawyer said...

I have not read the Danny Wallace book but I loved "Are You Dave Gorman", I had a pet mouse called Dave Gorman for a while.