Thursday, 27 April 2006


Been really busy this week hence a lack of writing. As usually I have long hand notes and I do intend to type them up. Honest.

A synopsis then

I have just edited yesterday’s blog to include the mention of the fact that I’m aiming to walk the Ridgeway in 24 hours in July (forgot to mention this yesterday). So if living in the woods doesn’t tickle your fancy enough to give some money to the Woodland Trust then maybe the idea of the walk will. The more I think about it the more I realise how much of a bad idea the walk is. I think it will hurt a bit, ho hum.

We have reached the half way stage of the target to raise £8000, thank you everyone.

The woods are incredibly beautiful at the moment; it is truly breath taking, stunning in fact. I believe this weekend is a bank holiday weekend. Might I suggest a trip into the countryside and maybe a picnic? I think that the Woodland Trust might well have a few woods that are open to the public; you could have a look on their web site.

This weekend it is May Day, it was May the first last year. Sat in the University Park in Oxford with; people floating by on punts, more Pimms than you could shake a stick at (though why anyone would be so uncivilised whilst drinking Pimms I do not know), blue skies, bees buzzing and a general feeling of well being that I decided to live in the woods. It was so nice that I decided to do it without a punt. May day in Oxford, one of the best parties in the world, the entire city goes nuts.

Got to go, Rugby practice.


TheJamMan said...

Ok I've changed my mind about you; You're out of your tree mate.

You can't do the Ridgeway in 24 hours. For a start it's 87 miles in total and it's not all flat. You will have to walk at 3.625 miles an hour without stopping to eat, drink or sleep. The average walking speed for an unladen man on flat terrain is 3.5 miles an hour and that's for a brisk walk not a leisurely stroll. Bearing in mind that you're going to be carrying a heavy pack and the Ridgeway reaches 277m at its highest point I'd say you were being a bit over ambitious. Worst of all, you're a third of the way along it already so you will have to walk an extra 29 miles or so to get to the start at Ivinghoe Beacon.

Maybe you should hire a bike.

Hugh Sawyer said...

Ah but I'm going to get a lift to the start point the night before and then set off in the morning.

Can't be done huh?

we shall see.

TheJamMan said...

Just so I'm not accused of being a boundless cynic, these guys did an equivalent trip in 5 days:

Hugh Sawyer said...

that's 1.43 miles an hour.
I suspect that they stopped along the way.