Friday, 7 April 2006

Disgruntled of Oxfordshire

I blame our illustrious leader. Illustrious? Lacklustre? I dunno, political commentary is best left for people who care about that sort of thing. I’ll just say our leader and leave you to make your mind up about the monkey in charge. OK I admit it; today I have issues with the Right Hon Tony Blair PM, not since the great salt debacle of July 1st have I had been so saddened and dismayed by the follies over the present incumbent of No 10 Downing st. For who is to blame if not Mr Blair for these extended drinking hours that now blight our land? Were it not for these I would have got to bed in good time last night instead of whiling away the hours with friends I had not seen for months. What kind of irresponsibility is it that allows people to enjoy themselves on a week night? It’s just not British.

What though can I, a mere citizen, do against the might of New Labour? I considered sending a sternly worded letter and a request for asprin but have decided on a far more effective from of protest. Tonight I will not go out, I’m going to go home and have an early night, that’ll lean him.

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