Sunday, 2 April 2006


Just a reminder

21st June is my last night out and if you like the idea of spending a night under the stars, no tents mind, why not go off into the countryside that night and spend the night. You could even raise money for the Woodland Trust by doing so. It would be nice to think that on my last night there were people all over the country spending a night out.

Ah g'wan


Nells said...

I just read your interveiw in the Times, wow,its quite inspiring, of course you'll make it to June, and think of what youl have achieved! Amazing, its just what this new age world needs!

rickjacobsuk said...

Echoing the comments that nells entered, it really is amazing to think that you've done this for so long.

I'd be happy to join you one night if you let me know how to get there - perhaps over the Easter weekend if you will be there.

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