Friday, 31 March 2006


If you are interested in such things, not that I'm excited by the prospect or anything, there is going to be a story about this Ditch Monkey business in the Sunday Times colour supplement this weekend. I think on Sunday I will be mostly hanging about in coffee shops and other places where people read newspapers "what? Who me? Oh is that in this week? Well I never"
That's what I would like to do but Sunday is Boat Race day and I have never been before, Rob has a flat next to Hammersmith Bridge so I'm going to be heading there. Rob's balcony can fit a good three people and if you lean right out with someone holding onto your belt you can just see the river between two blocks of flats.


WanderingScribe said...

Hugh, how weird is this because I am in The New York Times today!!! Only mentioned by name (Anya Peters) on front page article about homelessness, and on the website a long audio link as well on the NYT site of me talking about homelessness. So if your readers who came to my blog last time want to hear me talking about homelessness it is there. Anya Peters: about 7 minutes I think. Thanks again for giving me the space here Hugh — saving more than trees.
I'm trying to put the audio link onto my blog, but haven't figured out how yet, if anyone knows could they please let me know. Thank you.

p.s. will try to see a copy of Sunday Times magazine today.

honeyb74 said...

I saw that article today. i think in might brave a night out under the stars...bit worried it might end up as Blair Witch 3, with me covered in snot, and crying into a camcorder. I am also afraid of the dark/snappy twigs/spiders/wolves (ok, I know there are no wild wolves left, but I live close to whipsnade!)...and nutters in general! I reckon a litre of vodka might help though! xx

fjl said...

Hi doll, glad you're getting some poetic justice for all tis sacrifice! We must meet and have a natter in the Turtle sometime.