Friday, 3 March 2006


It's eight o'clock on Friday evening and I'm just leaving work, hence not being able to write right now. Next week I'm not going to be nearly as busy as I have been for the past few weeks and so I'll get back amongst writing properly.

One little thought though before I forget, there was an article in Metro yesterday proclaiming the wonder of time saving devices, it seems that cooking a microwave lasagne can save you 5.5 hours over cooking one yourself. I would like to point a few things out,

Microwave lasagne, even the 'finest' ones you might find, taste like cak.
Cooking for yourself provides a sense of achievement, you feel good about yourself for having done something.
Whilst things are cooking it is not strictly necessary to stand over them for the entire 5.5 hours, you can do other stuff like sit about and drink beer and watch the rugby and just stir stuff occasionaly.
You don't need lots of plastic packaging for a home made lasagne.
Home made is cheaper and you can make a huge one and heat up the leftovers.
I could go on but I wanna go back home and sit by the fire.

Faster is not neccessarily better

Have a good weekend


fjl said...

I think when you're cooking for others it's good to show you've personalised it, by making your own specials.

Hugh Sawyer said...