Friday, 17 March 2006


I must say that I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book

Groucho Marx

I have been playing fantasy possessions for the last few days, I imagine I have something, say a 30 inch plasma screen TV and imagine if it would improve my life. A plasma screen TV would be all very well, I was watching one for a bit in Dixons the other day and it was showing some amazing shots of penguins. Ultimately I decided that if I had enough money to buy a plasma screen TV I would rather spend the money on going to look at penguins in the wild. According to the internet penguins are not found in Brazil so I doubt if I will be seeing them in the near future. Off all the things I have imagined having thus far; sandwich maker, toaster, running water, bookcase; it is only running water that I would really like to have. I did thik about imagining a big comfortable bed but decided it was probably best not to go there.

Last night was freezing, very windy and not that nice. Tea and crumpets soaked in butter and Stoke Talmage Jamage made up for the grim weather but not even the fire was keeping me warm so I went to bed wearing every item of clothing I could find to try and get warm. It worked and I was nice and comfortable. For reasons not even known to myself the lean to shelter that I made is not as wide as I am tall, when I sleep my head sticks out one end and my feet the other normally this isn’t an issue. Last night I had a new experience, being woken by hail hitting me in the face, rolling over onto my side solved that one but every time I rolled back onto my back I got woken up by the hail again. Eventually it stopped hailing and the temperature rose, I would have thought that it being warmer would have been a good thing, it wasn’t. I was wearing far too many clothes and once it warmed up I woke up sweating, gasping for some water and feeling very uncomfortable indeed. To cool down I crawled out of my sleeping bag and fell asleep on the ground next to my roll mat (I did away with the bed I made a few days ago). It was cooler like that, amusingly though it then went and got cold and started hailing again and so when I woke shivering at around 5am covered in a light layer of hail I wasn’t feeling so good, a bit of a headache, no energy, drained and uncomfortable, I felt rather like I had just been beaten up. That’s a good way to start the day, why I’m full of the joys of spring today.

Talking of spring there are all kinds of little green frondy things sticking out of the ground now, I have no idea what they are. I will keep an eye on them and see what they turn into, my guess is big green frondy things but we shall see. There are a few nettles popping up as well, nettle soup sometime soon then. One of the things I hear every morning now is Woodpeckers marking out their territory by hammering on dead trees.

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rockmother said...

Hope you are not suffering too much - I'm indoors and its freezing. I hope you manage to keep and stay warm.