Thursday, 23 March 2006


Spring is here its official, I say so.

Yesterday I heard the first wood pigeon, and if that’s not a sound that evokes images of sunny days in the woods I don’t know what is. This morning I woke up and it wasn’t just light there was a patch of orange sunlight dappling the ground next to me, orange light! The green frondy things are all looking a bit bigger now and down at the bottom of the hill I even found a clump of daffodils, far from flouring but there they were nevertheless. There were also a few more birds singing this morning I’m sure. Now it might have been minus quite a lot of degrees last night, my toothpaste could well have been a bit solid with the cold and the ground was frozen and frosty this morning and so one could well be forgiven for thinking its winter still but it wasn’t. It just felt different, the atmosphere in the woods had changed it felt, well, kind of springy. Boing. Now I admit that this could be a subjective opinion as I went to the gym last night and had a sauna and a swim and another sauna and a cold shower and a sauna and a go in the steam room and a shower and so left feeling really good about myself and then I had a good nights sleep; it could be because of this that everything felt spring like this morning but because I’m feeling so positive I’m going to ascribe the feeling to it being spring now.

So there.

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Matthew Coombes said...

That's the spirit!