Friday, 24 March 2006

A bit of luck

I got back to Lewknor at about 11 last night feeling rather tired and keen to get to bed. It was raining, not a lot but there was certainly water falling from the sky. It smelt dusty which was probably the action of the rain kicking up the dust, it’s very worrying all this being dusty in the march in the UK. It is supposed to be wet, very wet, everyone knows this. The rain was a welcome site and walking back through the woods it was good to see a bit of mist in the air, this is how it is supposed to be not dry. I got home, I’m fairly confident that I am in a minority here as I doubt many other people returned home last night to discover it had fallen down. It wasn’t much of a surprise to find it on the floor rather that up in the air, many has been the morning when I have lain in bed looking up at the lean-to and thought to myself “there is a bit more lean to this lean-to than there was yesterday”. By the time I got back last night it was all lean and no to. Not the best thing to find when its raining but curiously it really didn’t matter that much. It was warm and I felt that sleeping out in the rain might be fun. I’m trying to really experience this outdoors life and recently this has consisted of being cold. Spring is here, I said so yesterday remember, and so the best way of experiencing this is by being wet. Besides I was beginning to have a few feelings of disquiet about the lean-to, it was beginning to feel like a step in the direction of domestication and that just won’t do. It was the begining of a slippery slope, the next step being a mortgage then washing the car on a Sunday, marriage, kids and who knows what other terrors. I think I’ve just had a narrow escape.


Matthew Coombes said...

The end gave me a nice chuckle... But this could have turned out very differently if it had fallen on your head! You wouldn've been buried alive by your own house! You're lucky in so many ways.

Hugh Sawyer said...

Some nights I used to lie under the shelter and dare it to fall on me, I thought it might add a bit of excitement.