Tuesday, 21 March 2006


I’m feeling much better now, I realised when I woke up at 5am this morning with cracked lips and a pounding headache that one of the things wrong was a touch of dehydration. This presented me with a problem, I did have a litre of water next to me but it had been out in the cold all night and was thus going to be very cold. I was not exactly warm and the idea of drinking cold water wasn’t appealing as it would lower my temperature further, I realised at that point that I’m not a big fan of cold weather. I made a very interesting discovery when I tried the water and that is that pounding headache + ice cream headache = not very nice. Who would have thought it?

I think if I ever decide to live in the woods during the winter again I will take a winter coat with me, think that would make life a bit easier. It is supposed to get a bit warmer tomorrow so it may be a bit late to buy one for this year. Warm would be good, I like warm. It was warm in the shower this morning, I had to use all my determination to get out of the shower and go and do some work. It’s not exactly appealing, leave warm place and go to work place.

Just realised, I have three months to go! Technically this year finishes on the 1st of June but I have decided to keep going until the 21st of June, i thought what with it being the summer solstice that would be a good time to finish. I thought it would be nice to invite you all to join me for on big camp out on that last night, not at mine though. For all I know you could all be weird and smell funny and stuff. Why not, if you so feel like it, spend a night sleeping out on the last night somewhere near you, get back to nature for a bit - no tents please - and raise some money for the Woodland Trust in the process? You know you want to.


rockmother said...

If you haven't got a winter coat what have you got? What are you wearing to stay warm? Layers are best.

Hugh Sawyer said...

Stay warm?

Another good idea.

Seriously though, many layers is the key. Silk vest, helly hansen, fleece and a hat being the best I have found so far.

rockmother said...

Cool. No pun intended..