Monday, 20 March 2006


just had a shower and started to think positively and now back on track. Its all in the mind. Another cup of tea it is then.


The Less Deceived said...

Chin up monkey old chap.
You're only two and a bit months from your goal and they're going to be the months of Spring - the most encouraging and life-affirming months of the year, with flowers and buds appearing everywhere. You've done amazingly well and you're in the home straight. Everyone's entitled to feel down in the mouth now and again, but don't let those short-term blues stop you from looking back and congratulating yourself on the achievements of the past 9 months.

(PS Cherry blossom will be here in Tokyo soon...)

Lexa said...

Yes, spring is in the air! :) Even here in Bangkok where the weather is often the same, there are little cute pink flowers everywhere.