Thursday, 30 March 2006

A cunning plan m'lord

I have had an idea.

Note that I don't say that it is a good idea or a bad idea, just that it is an idea. Tomorrow I will be able to say whether the idea was good or bad. I'm going to have another go at sleeping in the Hammock, it might well be warm enough by now, it might not.


TheJamMan said...

Here's a jammy tip - Tie string from the guy ropes of your Hammock, at each end, close to the actual hammock material trailing down to the ground. This way any water running down the guy ropes will be diverted to the ground rather than soaking the hammock and you!

Hugh Sawyer said...

Was it a bird? Was it a plane?

NO, it was jam man!

Thank's Jam Man, whoever you are.