Friday, 10 March 2006

Competition Time

A quick heads up.

Back by popular demand, having had literally one request I have decided to have another competition. Hopefully this time there will be some proper prizes and also, just in case you are upset at having not won a lovely hand carved ‘spoon’, there will be the opportunity to win your very own fork as made by me! You won’t win one of them on the Euro Lottery.

It’s a travel writing competition so get your thinking hats on all you budding writers. You can define travel as widely or as narrowly as you like, it could be about a trip across the Sahara by bike or an expedition down to the shops on a number 38 bus. The choice is yours, it could even be a story about a night in your local it might not be travel for you but for someone on the other side of the world it could be invaluable information. As well as the possibility of winning a prize there will also be the possibility of your entry going into an online travel guide. More details and information to follow, entry into the competition will also require a small donation to the Woodland Trust.

Good luck and remember - you could be the proud owner of a two prong fork, why with only a little practice you could even eat with it!

1 comment:

Juggling Joe said...

Nice one Ditchy!
Wow-you listened to my request!
Hope I win the carved fork and then i'll be the envy of the World!
You know if you look at raymears website they do weekend or maybe week long course in backwoodsman cooking that you'd probably love-i went on a week course of his and really enjoyed myself (back in 98).
Cheers, Juggling Joe